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Traditional gastronomy

The island of Skopelos has a rich culinary tradition, with a cuisine influenced by the island's geography and history.

Here are some of the most popular dishes and ingredients of Skopelos cuisine.

Sea Food

Given its location on the Aegean Sea, it's no surprise that seafood features prominently in Skopelos' cuisine. Fresh fish and shellfish such as squid, octopus and shrimp are commonly found on restaurant menus.

Skopelos cheese pie

This is a local specialty made with a pastry dough filled with a mixture of Skopelos cheese, spinach, onions and herbs. The cheese used in the pie is a tangy, slightly salty sheep's milk cheese that is unique to the island.

Goat Stew

This hearty stew is made with tender pieces of goat meat, onions, tomatoes and herbs. It is often served with potatoes or rice.

Fava beans

It is often served with onions and olive oil.

Olive oil

Skopelos is known for its high quality olive oil, which is used in many dishes of the island.


Skopelos is also known for its delicious honey, which is used in many desserts and sweets, such as baklava.


While the island of Skopelos is best known for its natural beauty and beaches, there are a few museums on the island worth visiting:

Folklore Museum of Skopelos

Located in the heart of the old town, the Folklore Museum of Skopelos is dedicated to preserving the traditional culture of the island. The museum has exhibits about the history of the island, including local crafts, tools and traditional clothing.

Folkloric Museum of Glossa

You are "invited" on a special journey into tradition by the Folklore Museum of Glossa, located in the charming and ancient village of Glossa. You may view real local clothes, as well as furniture and implements of daily living from the past, within the museum's two-story traditional house, which serves as a model of a traditional village home.

Vakratsa Mansion

The Vakratsa Mansion, which is situated in the heart of Chora , is an equally distinctive Skopelos mansion that you shouldn't miss. All of the items on show are of immeasurable value, and the majority of them originate from the Mediterranean and Black Sea locations where the Rebaki family's ships docked.

Paul Nirvana House

The Nirvana house in Skopelos, which houses the Island's History Museum, is without a doubt one of Magnesia's most significant cultural landmarks. The structure, where renowned modern Greek author Pavlos Nirvanas grew up, was renovated and turned into an exhibition depicting Skopelos's historical progression from antiquity to the present

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Sea and fun

Kayaking, water sports, sailing, day trips to Greece's first marine park and scuba diving to the first underwater museum of the country.

Hiking moonlight ride

Every August moon, all cycling enthusiasts gather to enjoy their ride with the biggest moon of the year

Rebetika melodies

With the annual rebetiko festival in August taking off the musical enjoyment

A trip to the “Mamma Mia” church

First stop in Glossa where the famous small church is located and then at the Loutraki bay gaze at the sunset which some people find even better than Santorini’s!

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